Yarne Heylen

Producer, audio-, mixing- & mastering engineer

Yarne Heylen is a Belgium based producer/musician who works mostly in the extreme metal genre. With his earliest productions going back as far as 2011 and being a member of the death metal tank called CARNATION since 2013, Yarne is sure to deliver great value to your music with his experience.

The mission is simple: translating your artistic vision to an amazing product.
Whether you like it raw and old-school or modern and bombastic; Yarne is sure to deliver exactly what you are looking for in the production of your music.

Having worked on almost every Belgian extreme metal band, he is rapidly expanding his territory to neighbouring countries and even as far as the USA and Argentina.

Yarne’s home base is Project Zero Studio in Nijlen – where he does most of his work – but is also available on location. Having worked in multiple studios and collaborated with legends such as Dan Swanö, Hertz Studio, Joost van den Broeck, V.O. Pulver and many more means he is confident in his craft, no matter the challenge.


  • Full production: Finishing your record from A-Z, starting at pre-production, ending at mastering.
  • Recording: Record your tracks or even just one instrument.
  • Editing: Get your recorded tracks edited to perfection.
  • Mixing: Get your recorded tracks mixed and sounding awesome.
  • Mastering: Get your mixed tracks mastered for every platform imaginable.

Featured works